building the future of meat together

At Danish Crown we want to start a conversation to help transform the value chain for meat by 2030.

We know we can’t do that alone, so we are asking smart, passionate people – like you – to join us. We want to talk about the biggest challenges our industry faces, uncover new solutions and work together to put them in action.

Through a series of presentations and break-out sessions, we want to hear your thoughts on the big questions we’ve been asking ourselves, and what actions we can take to help answer them. These questions include:

How do we encourage responsible meat consumption?

How can meat play an important, if less dominant,
role on the plate?

What business models best support the future of farming, in a way that works well for everyone involved?

How do we secure meat production that benefits the environment?

What will a sustainable, and market-winning,
meat player look like in the future?


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